May 21, 2015

Notice of Final Results of 2014 Amite South RFP

Please be advised that Entergy Services, Inc. (ESI), acting under the oversight of the Independent Monitor, has concluded its evaluation of the proposals submitted in response to the 2014 Amite South RFP. As noted in the RFP documents, ESI considered a self-build generation alternative as part of this RFP. The self-build alternative proposed to be located in St. Charles Parish would address the stated need for gas-fired, combined-cycle capacity sized between 650-1,000 MW (ISO rating, at full load). After considering the results of the RFP, the Entergy Operating Committee has (i) elected to proceed with the self-build alternative and (ii) elected not to move forward with any other proposal. ESI has notified each Bidder whose proposal was not selected. The selection of the self-build alternative remains subject to various internal and regulatory approvals.