June 4, 2024

Notice of Release of Final RFP Documents and Bidder Registration

Entergy Services, LLC (“ESL”), on behalf of Entergy Louisiana, LLC (“ELL”) has posted final documents for the 2024 Request for Proposals for Capacity and Energy from Existing Generation Resources for Entergy Louisiana, LLC (“2024 ELL Existing Resource Energy & Capacity RFP”). The documents are available on the 2024 ELL Existing Resource Energy & Capacity RFP website, https://spofossil.entergy.com/ENTRFP/SEND/2024ELLExistingResourceRFP/Index.htm.

ELL appreciates the comments provided by interested parties on the draft RFP documents. The final versions include revisions to the RFP documents made as a result of ELL’s consideration of the input received during the comment period and ELL’s continued review of its RFP terms. The revisions to draft RFP documents can be seen in the redline versions of the final RFP documents posted on the RFP website.

To register for the 2024 ELL Existing Resource Energy & Capacity RFP, Bidders are required to submit a completed Bidder Registration Form and Agreement via email to the Bid Event Coordinator ( ellrfp@entergy.com), copying the IM (MerrimackIM@merrimackenergy.com), by the Bidder Registration Deadline. Bidder Registration will begin at 8:00 a.m. CPT on June 6, 2024 and will be available until 5:00 p.m. CPT on June 12, 2024.

Questions can be submitted to the Bid Event Coordinator, copying the IM, at their respective email addresses referenced above, throughout the Bidder Registration Period. Please review Sections 5.2 and 5.3 of the main body of the RFP before submitting any questions.

Terms used but not defined in this notice have the meaning ascribed to them in the 2024 ELL Existing Resource Energy & Capacity RFP.

Please monitor the RFP website for further information about the RFP.