November 10, 2021

Notice of Intent to Issue a Request for Proposals 2022 EML Renewables RFP

Entergy Mississippi, LLC (“EML”) hereby provides notice to interested parties that it intends to issue a Request for Proposals for Renewable Generation Resources in 2022 (“RFP”). EML expects to post RFP documents as early as January 2022. Bidder registration for the RFP is anticipated to take place in late February 2022. Interested participants should monitor the RFP website , for information about the posting of RFP documents and bidder registration.

Through the RFP, EML would seek to obtain approximately 500 megawatts (“MW”) (AC) of renewable resources that can provide cost-effective energy supply, capacity, fuel diversity, and other benefits to EML’s customers. Resources would be procured through a combination of power purchase agreements (“PPA”), build-own-transfer (“B-O-T”) agreements, or self-build or affiliate resources. The delivery term for a PPA arising out of the RFP would be a minimum of ten (10) years and a maximum of twenty (20) years, with an interest in fifteen (15)-year or shorter delivery terms. Only solar photovoltaic (“Solar PV”) and wind turbine (“Wind”) resources would be eligible to be offered into the RFP. The minimum electric generation capacity in any proposal offered into the RFP would be 50 MW (AC). EML reserves the right to contract to acquire more or less capacity than the above target amounts.

Resources proposed for the RFP, whether Solar PV or Wind, would be required to be physically located within the Entergy Mississippi portion of Midcontinent Independent System Operator, Inc. (“MISO”) and directly interconnected to the EML transmission system.

Bidders in the RFP would be permitted to submit proposals for eligible Solar PV or Win resources that have a fully executed Generator Interconnection Agreement (“GIA”) or are active in the MISO Definitive Planning Phase (“DPP”) 2020 Cycle studies or an earlier DPP study. Resources that are not included in any of these DPP studies and lack an executed GIA would be ineligible to participate in the RFP. The guaranteed substantial completion date for a B-O-T transaction and the guaranteed commercial operation date for a PPA transaction (both of which may be extended for qualifying force majeure events) would be no later than May 31, 2025. EML has an interest in acquiring up to 100 MW of PPA resources with a delivery term commencing in 2024, but no earlier than May 31, 2024. Any resource location or RFP schedule question should be directed to the Bid Event Coordinator (see the final paragraph below).

Proposals would be allowed to include a separately priced option for a battery energy storage system (“BESS”) to supplement the energy delivery capabilities of the Solar PV or Wind resource. Additionally, for B-O-T proposals, the RFP would solicit optional operation and maintenance (“O&M”) agreement, balance of plant, and other service and maintenance agreements, or combinations of the same for the proposed resource.

The RFP would not preclude consideration of self-build options that may be submitted on behalf of EML or proposals that may be submitted by Entergy Regulated Affiliates and Entergy Competitive Affiliates. The self-build option(s) and/or Affiliate proposals would be considered and evaluated as an alternative to third party proposals submitted in response to the RFP.

Any transaction emerging from the RFP would be subject to EML’s receipt of all regulatory approvals on terms acceptable to EML in its sole discretion and other conditions precedent to the transaction.

Consistent with prior EML RFPs, the registration process contemplates that Bidders would be required to register each proposal with EML and pay a proposal submission fee of $10,000 per proposal in advance of the RFP’s proposal submission period. Any alternative proposal submitted into the RFP (e.g., a proposal containing alternative pricing or an alternative transaction structure) would be required to be registered as a separate proposal. A bidder that offers a proposal that also includes BESS or O&M proposals would be required to pay an incremental charge of $1,000 for each BESS or O&M option offered.

Bidders are advised that various rules, regulations, and other laws apply to the development of new-build Solar PV and Wind projects in Mississippi. Bidders may be required to demonstrate to EML that it has timely obtained, or has a satisfactory plan to timely obtain, the licenses and other authorizations required under such laws to submit its proposal(s) in this RFP or to perform its obligations under any resulting contract with EML.

All dates and time periods referenced in this notice are subject to change. This notice is intended in part to give prospective bidders interested in participating in the RFP advance notice of the RFP. While EML expects to issue the RFP, by publishing this notice EML is not assuming, and expressly disclaims, any obligation or commitment to issue the RFP or any other obligation or liability of any kind of EML that could result from or arise out of this notice.

EML has engaged Ms. Bentz of Entergy Services, LLC, to serve as the Bid Event Coordinator and Mr. Wayne Oliver of Merrimack Energy Group,, to serve as the Independent Monitor for the RFP. Questions about this notice or registration to participate in the RFP should be directed to the Bid Event Coordinator at .