April 01, 2020

RFP Update

RFP Update
Entergy Services, LLC (“ESL”), on behalf of Entergy Texas, Inc. (“ETI”), hereby issues an RFP update (“RFP Update”) for the 2020 ETI CCGT RFP (“RFP”). The objective of the RFP Update is to give potential bidders an update on the RFP schedule and solicit schedule feedback. ESL intends to move forward with issuance of the RFP in April 2020 and anticipates targeting a proposal submission deadline in August 2020. Entergy takes the health, safety and security of our employees, customers, communities, business partners and facilities very seriously. We are closely monitoring COVID-19 and are in close contact with local, state and federal agencies. As the COVID-19 situation continues to evolve and new information becomes available, ESL will update the RFP and bidders accordingly. ESL encourages potential bidders to provide feedback on this timeline, specifically bidder’s concerns on being able to effectively develop a full proposal given the current or anticipated restrictions or disruptions caused by the COVID-19 impact.

ESL encourages bidders to submit RFP-related questions and feedback to the Bid Event Coordinator via the RFP inbox (etirfp@entergy.com) and the Independent Monitor (waynejoliver26@gmail.com) in advance of the RFP issuance. In order to allow sufficient time for response and planning we ask that questions and feedback be submitted no later than April 10, 2020.

In addition, ESL will provide written responses to all questions submitted and will post the questions and answers on the RFP website.

Thank you for your interest in the RFP.