April 16, 2020

Notice of Release of Draft RFP Documents and Bidders Conference

Entergy Louisiana, LLC. (ELL) has posted drafts for the 2020 Request for Proposals for Solar Photovoltaic Resources for Entergy Louisiana, LLC (2020 ELL Solar RFP) documents on the website for the 2020 ELL Solar RFP, https://spofossil.entergy.com/ENTRFP/SEND/2020ELLSOLARRFP/index.htm

Potential bidders and other stakeholders will have the opportunity to comment on the draft documents. Under the current schedule for the 2020 ELL Solar RFP, comments are due by 5:00 p.m. CPT on May 22, 2020. All comments should be submitted by email to the Bid Event Coordinator at ellrfp@entergy.com.

The Louisiana Public Service Commission (“LPSC”) Staff has announced its intention to host a Technical Conference on the 2020 ELL Solar RFP on April 28, 2020. ESL intends to hold a Bidders Conference immediately following the Technical Conference. Both conferences will be open to all interested participants or stakeholders in the 2020 ELL Solar RFP. Bidders or other parties that plan to participate in the Technical Conference and/or the Bidders Conference must notify ESL by no later than April 27, 2020. Participation notices should be sent to the Bid Event Coordinator by email to the email address referenced above and should include the name of the prospective participant and the name, title, and telephone number of each individual representing the participant.

Please monitor the 2020 ELL Solar RFP website for further information about the 2020 ELL Solar RFP.