February 26, 2019

Notice of Intent to Issue a Request for Proposals
2019 ETI Renewables RFP

Entergy Texas, Inc. (“ETI”) hereby provides notice to interested parties that it intends to issue a 2019 ETI Request for Proposals for Solar Photovoltaic (“Solar PV”) Resources (the “RFP”). Registration to participate in the RFP will be in February 2019 and registered bidders should expect to receive the RFP in March 2019. Interested participants should monitor the RFP website for information about the registration and the deadline to participate in the RFP.

In the RFP, ETI is interested in procuring up to 200 MWs of Solar PV Resources through a power purchase agreement (“PPA”) as well as an asset acquisition under a build-own-transfer (“BOT”) transaction structure that can provide cost-effective energy supply, fuel diversity, and other benefits to ETI’s customers. Qualified renewable technology is limited to Solar PV resources. ETI reserves the right to take more or less than sought in the RFP based on viability and benefits of proposals received in the RFP. All time periods and MW amounts referenced in this notice are subject to change.

Bidders in the RFP would be permitted to submit proposals for all eligible Solar PV resources that are active in the April 2018 Midcontinent Independent System Operator, Inc. (“MISO”) Definitive Planning Phase (“DPP”) study or have a signed Generator Interconnection Agreement from a previous MISO DPP study. The delivery term for a PPA would be for a maximum of twenty (20) years. The guaranteed start date for a PPA and the target closing date of an asset acquisition would be required to be no later than December 31, 2023; however, there is a preference for aligning with the MISO Planning Year. PPA pricing is expected to be “all-in” energy-only pricing. The minimum capacity offered in any proposal would be seventy-five (75) MW.

The location of any resource submitted into the RFP should be located within the Texas area of MISO South, and for PPAs, be financially settled at the MISO commercial pricing node for ETI load (EES.ETILD). Any questions on location should be directed to the RFP Administrator.

PPA or BOT transactions emerging from the RFP would be subject to ETI’s receipt of all regulatory approvals on terms acceptable to ETI in its sole discretion and other conditions. ETI would not accept the risk of any transfer to its books of any debt or long-term liability associated with a PPA arising out of the RFP (via, for example, lease, “variable interest entity,” or other accounting treatment).

The RFP would include criteria to ensure that at the time of proposal submission the project is in a stage of development appropriate for evaluation in the RFP. The criteria are expected to be made available to potential bidders following the registration of all proposals to be submitted and following payment of the registration fee in the amount of $10,000 per proposal. Alternatives submitted into the RFP must be registered as a separate proposal if the bidder wishes it to be evaluated. One of the criteria would be that each bidder has, at the time it submits its proposal(s) in the RFP, the licenses and other authorizations required under applicable rules, regulations, and other laws.

All dates and time periods referenced in this notice are subject to change. This notice is intended in part to give prospective bidders interested in participating in the RFP advance notice of the RFP. While ETI expects to issue the RFP, by publishing this notice, ETI is assuming, and expressly disclaims, any obligation or commitment to issue the RFP or any other obligation or liability of any kind to ETI that could result from or arise out of this notice. All bidders who want to participate in the RFP must submit a Bidder Registration Agreement and Form for each proposal the bidder wishes to register by 5:00 p.m. CPT on March 5, 2019 to the RFP Administrator at etirfp@entergy.com. Questions about this notice or registration in order to participate in the RFP should also be directed to the RFP Administrator.

Bidder Registration Agreement and Form