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ESIís Summer 2008 RFP.

Conclusion of Displacement Analysis and Summer 2008 RFP

Under the oversight of the Independent Monitor, ESI has completed the displacement analysis under the RFP.  ESI has concluded that the proposal under consideration did not present sufficient economic justification to merit award, and has rejected it from further consideration.  The Bidder has been notified of its proposal status.

As a result of the conclusion of the displacement analysis, ESI has concluded the Summer 2008 RFP.


All of the following documents are in Adobe Acrobat, Microsoft Word or Microsoft Power Point format as indicated.

Summer 2008 RFP Document
Appendix A - Glossary
Appendix B - Bidder Registration and Proposal Submission Process
Appendix C - Product Packages:  
Appendix D - Detailed Instructions For Bidder Registration And Proposal Submission
Appendix E1 - Proposal Evaluation Process Description
Appendix E2 - Deliverability Evaluation Process
Appendix F - Credit Collateral Requirements
Appendix G - Process for Protection of Proposal Information
Appendix H - Entergy System Strategic Supply Resource Plan Description
Appendix I1 - CCGT/CT Preliminary Due Diligence List
Appendix I2 - Solid Fuel Preliminary Due Diligence List
Attachment D2 - Resource Withdrawal Form
Proposal Submission Agreement
Confidentiality Agreement
LPSC and Bidders Conference Summer 2008 RFP Presentation (06-19-08)
LPSC and Bidders Conference Summer 2008 RFP Presentation Addendum
Bidder Registration Instructions (06-19-08)
LPSC and Bidders Conference Summer 2008 RFP Presentation by Independent Monitor (6-19-08)
LPSC Staff Comments (08-04-08)
ESI Response to LPSC Staff Comments (07-24-08)
Summer 2008 RFP IM Scope
RFP Independent Monitoring Report on Three-to-Five Year Proposals
RFP Independent Monitoring Report on One Year Proposals
Affiliate Rules Compliance
Update on Displacement Analysis
Final Results for Three (3) and Five (5) Year Limited-Term Proposals
Final Results for One (1) Year Limited-Term Proposals
Summary of Limited_Term Proposals 
Termination of Long Term Portion of RFP
ESI Summer 2008 RFP Schedule
Posted Notice for Phase 1 Update
Posted Notice of June 23, 2008 Conference Call
Posted Notice of Summer 2008 RFP
Posted Notice of IM Selection
Posted Notice of Web Portal Testing

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