2010 Renewable RFP – Phase III Results

ESI has concluded its Phase III review and evaluation of the proposals submitted in response to the 2010 Renewable RFP and has reported the results of the review and evaluation to the Entergy Operating Committee.  ESI has received approval from the Entergy Operating Committee to move forward with 5 proposals representing 143 MW for the Primary Selection List.  Additionally, the Entergy Operating Committee approved that 2 proposals representing 103 MW be placed on the Secondary Award List.  These 7 proposals collectively represent a mixture of as available and baseload products, technologies, and geographic locations. 


ESI, on behalf of Entergy Gulf States Louisiana, L.L.C. and Entergy Louisiana, LLC, will be entering into discussions for the execution of definitive agreements associated with the proposals on the Primary Selection List.  All transactions will be contingent upon obtaining necessary regulatory approvals, including full cost recovery.