February 25, 2020

Notice of Bidders Conference

Bidders Conference
Entergy Services, LLC (“ESL”), on behalf of Entergy Texas, Inc. (“ETI”), hereby issues notice of a Bidders Teleconference/Webcast (“Bidders Conference”) for the 2020 ETI CCGT RFP (“RFP”). The Bidders Conference will be conducted by Webex. The objective of the Bidders Conference is to give participants a high-level overview of, and other information concerning, the RFP and related processes. The Bidders Conference will be open to all interested persons. ETI and ESL personnel will provide information about the RFP at the Bidders Conference including bidder registration, proposal submission, the proposal evaluation process, technical RFP issues, and high-level commercial terms and conditions, including the Minimum Requirements for developmental resources. The Independent Monitor for the RFP, Mr. Wayne Oliver, will also participate and be available to answer questions regarding the RFP process.

ESL encourages bidders to submit RFP-related questions they desire to have addressed at the Bidders Conference in writing to the Bid Event Coordinator via the RFP inbox (etirfp@entergy.com) and the Independent Monitor (waynejoliver26@gmail.com) in advance of the Bidders Conference. In order to allow sufficient response during Bidders Conference we ask that questions be submitted no later than March 10, 2020. All other questions submitted after March 10, 2020 will be addressed later in writing following the Bidders Conference completion via the RFP website QA section.

Logistical information concerning the Bidders Conference is provided below:

Date: March 17, 2020
Time: 10:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. CPT
Will be provided upon bidder registration.

Bidders are strongly encouraged (but not required) to participate in the Bidders Conference. ESL will post the written materials expected to be presented during the Bidders Conference to the RFP website. The posted materials may not duplicate all of the information made available at the Bidders Conference. In addition, ESL will provide written responses to all questions submitted before and during the Bidders’ Conference and will post the questions and answers on the RFP website.

ESL requests that participating organizations register with the Bid Event Coordinator, by electronic mail, no later than March 13, 2020 via the RFP inbox (etirfp@entergy.com). The registration notice should specify the name of the participating organization, as well as the name, title, and contact telephone number(s) of each individual representing the participating organization during the Bidders Conference. Once the Bid Event Coordinator receives a registration notice for a conference participant, the Bid Event Coordinator will provide the dial-in/Webex/ details to the registered participant(s).

Thank you for your interest in the RFP.